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We choose as the online channel to promote the products

3M Food Product Company Limited is one of Thailand’s leading manufacturers and distributors of chewy Tamarind Candy, Soft fruits Candy, Chewy Assorted Fruits can, and other snacks and beverages. Our company was established in 2003. It has been 15 years since then, our product lines have been expanded to not only producing Chewy Tamarind Candy under Brand “JEEDJARD” which is famous for Thailand people but also the chewy assorted fruits candy, Soft Fruits Snack as so on. We have exported products to many countries such as China, Indonesia, Philippine, UK, South Africa, and Europe “Due to the nature of e-commerce business, potential customers may still be skeptical about our business and what we do. Therefore, we have to ensure that we are here for the customers and assist them in whatever they need.” In addition, we have assisted the Thailand SMEs, who produce the products which have good qualities and suitable for export, by offering to the customers to selling and expanding the marketing channel under consolidation shipment.

These will make the customers get more profits and various product categories to sell in their market. Regarding our services on, we have to demonstrate to our customers on various types of Thailand’s products apart of the company’s factory products such as Chewy Tamarind candy, Assorted Fruits Candy, and Fruits snack. We also have snacks, preserved fruits, beverages, biscuits, and other confectionery products. We can serve both Factory’s brand, Bulk, and Private Brand according to customer requirements.


We are the one-stop service provided to the customer on sourcing products, release the order to the factory along with special detail, control product checking, arrange goods loading, prepare all required export documents, so on. The customers shall trust us, the professional Thailand exporter on many product categories. In the near future, we plan to expand product categories by selecting a ready to eat products and Thailand Traditional sauces and curry.

As our One-Stop Services, the customers can arrange the order of products in many various items with low minimum of quantities, or they can mix them together in 1×20’ft container. The customers will be comfortable on manage the product stock as well as shelf life, to be kept the products fresh instead of process shipment one factory per container.

All the product services offering to the customers shall be ensured that they have the qualities guarantee and every factory must acquire the certificates at least GMP, HACCP, and Thailand FDA which means the products are comfortable on consumption.

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